Best Aveda Hair Salon and Spa in La Mesa

What Works for No-Wash Hair Days

At Prêt-à-Porter Salon & Spa, we proudly offer a full line of Aveda retail products that includes everything from shampoos and conditioners, to skincare, candles and air care all made from the very finest organic plants and flowers. One of the latest hair trends on the rise is the use of dry shampoos. Skipping a wash not only saves precious time, but it can also be healthier for your hair to give it a needed break from blow drying and other damaging heat techniques.

Non-wash day products like dry shampoo have become immensely popular; between work, family life, hobbies, self-care and household tasks, sometimes you just can’t squeeze in a shampoo! Perhaps you’re trying to save water or extend a great blowout or style and simply don’t want to wash your hair yet. Luckily for you, Prêt-à-Porter carries the Aveda no-wash family of products, giving you more options for those “skip a shampoo” days. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, here’s the rundown on our Aveda no-wash favorites.

Shampure Dry Shampoo

The original Aveda no-wash day favorite. Legions of Aveda fans and artists can’t live without it, and we agree that it’s amazing! It’s a non-aerosol powder mist that revives your hair, absorbs excess oil, adds texture and smells like the iconic Shampure. What’s better than that? Just shake and pouf into your roots, then massage in and style!

Heat Relief Thermal Protector and Conditioning Mist

Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner has a new name and some pretty new packaging. Hey, we all need a makeover sometimes! Heat Relief is essential for all your thermal styling needs.  It’s a heat protectant and dry conditioner, infused with the classic Shampure aroma, that instantly conditions dry hair and adds softness and shine. Heat Relief’s blend of certified organic jojoba and sunflower oils help condition and detangle hair while protecting from thermal damage from heat styling.

Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair & Scalp Refresher

New to the Aveda lineup this year, and we’re so excited about it. It’s perfect for the gym and no-wash days because its micellar technology cleanses the scalp, and it also refreshes and revives your hair texture, making it a must have for anyone with waves, curls and coils. (Or bedhead. Rinseless Refresh is great for putting some oomph into your bedhead and making it look presentable.) Plus, it has a brand-new fresh, floral aroma of jasmine and certified organic mandarin, lemon and ylang ylang that we think you’re going to love.

To purchase any of these products, call or come by and visit us at Prêt-à-Porter Salon & Spa in La Mesa.

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