Tips for Best Hair Salon Experience in La Mesa

At Prêt-à-Porter Salon & Spa, we value each and every one of our guests and make it a priority for them to leave our salon looking and feeling their best. We’re the soldiers with scissors, the deities of dying, and the architects of amazing ‘dos. We’re your hair stylist in La Mesa, and we want you to learn a few things about how to make your styling experience perfect.

Do Some Research

Before your appointment, spend some time researching photos of styles, cuts, and color you like. Try to find pictures with similar hair type as yours, (thick, thin, course, etc.) as this will be the best way to steer clear of disappointment. We are professionals at every level, and can offer suggestions of what will look best with your shape of face, hair length, and color for your skin type, but unfortunately, we are not mind readers. Bring pictures then bring more pictures. The more pictures you can give us the better we can determine what you like about the photos and how to give you the best hair salon experience possible.

It also doesn’t hurt to be educated with terminology. Pinterest and other social media channels are not always good resources to learn professional terms for hair. Remember, Pins and Instagram photos are often shared/repinned by people that aren’t professionals and therefore may not know the proper terminology.

Here is an example of the terms “bleach” and “color”:

Bleach and color are two different things. If you’re going lighter, bleach will probably be involved at some point, and there is a lot more potential for damage than with dye when you’re going darker.

All services are not created equal. Highlights are different than color or balayage. A whole new style is different than a trim. If you are not sure what you want (which Is fine) just ask our receptionist to book you more time.

Be Honest and Open

It might sound a bit “heady” (pun intended), but relax and be honest and open minded with your stylist. Hair stylists want to help you, so help them do that. Think of it like chatting with your doctor. Talk to us. At Prêt-à-Porter Salon & Spa, we can’t give you what you want if you don’t tell us. It’s similar to when you visit the doctor. You don’t get to come in with an illness, not say anything about it, and then feel disappointed when your illness isn’t addressed, right? Tell us honestly what’s going on with your hair. Don’t hold anything back, even if you’re embarrassed.

For example, if you bleach your hair too much, it will get damaged and break off. Be honest about what you’ve done to your hair before, so we have a better idea of which chemicals will be safe to use on your hair.

As a first time guest, our stylists will ask you questions about your hair and how you style it, so be ready to show them what you like and what you don’t. If you are having problems with your hair, come into the salon with your hair styled the way you usually wear it so our stylist can see what the problem areas are and help. And be prepared to talk about your hair routine. We are absolutely here to help you, but you are the one who has to wear it and style it so input on your part is crucial.

We work hard to make sure our guests are completely satisfied when leaving our salon. It’s all about them. Communication is key so ask questions, listen carefully, show us pictures because our idea of red is different from your idea of red. Honesty is the best policy.

Prêt-à-Porter Salon & Spa

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